At Connect Commissions, we look at your business needs and design an approach that will grow your visibility, extend customer loyalty and generate client opportunities to grow your business. All with a budget that makes sense to your company.

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Marketing Consulting

Connect Commissions is Colorado based agency focused on working with small to medium businesses. We help our clients strategize, design, implement, and manage marketing plans to grow their business. Together with the client we analyze the target customer profile and plan and implement an online strategy that matches the strategic needs of the company and the budget.


Marketing Automation

Software applications and services abound to automate and improve marketing activities and make marketing more efficient and effective. A good mix of automation to match your business and marketing goals can propel your campaigns and results to a new level. This is especially true for marketing teams using intensive multi-channel strategies to balance, share and track key activities over multiple media and at different times.

Ideally marketing automation does it all while maintaining a personalized approach, practically marketing automation requires investment and a lot of trial and error to construct models that deliver as expected – once designed, tools can significantly expand the marketing reach.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the art of using online social communities and collaboration channels for the distribution of content, collection of information and to communicate with others. This multi-directional channel is a way for people to publish, share and respond to information with a broad audience – an electronic word of mouth. While social media started in the person to person realm, it quickly became a medium for all types of information including a powerful tool for business marketing outreach and interaction.

Social media is real-time, high speed, interactive and far reaching. Having a social presence is essential for modern marketing. Using social media can build your brand, increase your traffic and grow your sales.

Social media includes:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • And hundred more channels opening daily

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